Provide logic composition capabilities for Vue.

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<script type="module">
  import knightlyVueCompositionApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@knightly/vue__composition-api';



Knightly Build 2021-08-20T00:59:35.408Z

[Unofficial] Nightly build for vuejs/composition-api@23de1, published automatically by Knightly.

package (@vue/composition-api) @knightly/vue__composition-api
version (1.1.1*) 1.1.1-knightly-master.202108200058
last commit docs: moving set and del warning to the reactive block (#793)
sha (master) 23de15c7adbe18b87b00fba3bec0984900de2897
changes compare with last release
build 2021-08-20T00:59:35.408Z

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To replace the package with nightly build:

via npm

npm i @vue/composition-api@npm:@knightly/vue__composition-api@master

or edit your package.json

"dependencies": {
  "@vue/composition-api": "npm:@knightly/vue__composition-api@master"

Knightly v0.5.6