Email templates and delivery compatible with the apostrophe cms

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<script type="module">
  import kwsitesCmsEmail from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@kwsites/cms-email';



A set of modules for the apostrophe cms that simplifies the handling of 'subscriber' pieces (people who sign up to receive notifications from you) and 'email' pieces .

Configure the module with options:

  • emailHost the host to connect to
  • emailPort the port number on the remote SMTP host
  • transport an optional object of properties to merge into the nodemailer transport configuration

By installing this module, you also have access to the bundled modules listed below:


An extension of apostrophe-pieces used to capture registration and contact details for your subscribers.


Ensure you have added a @kwsites/cms-subscriber-pages type page to your website - this will be the page used as the subscription management page in the emails that get sent out.


Add a widget of type @kwsites/cms-subscriber-widgets to your website to capture user's names and email addresses. Configure the widget with a 'Registration Source' to add the user to that named group.

Using this widget requires that your project sets the following variables in less:

  • @kwsites-button-border-color
  • @kwsites-button-border-radius
  • @kwsites-button-border-width
  • @kwsites-button-enabled-color
  • @kwsites-button-disabled-background
  • @kwsites-button-disabled-color
  • @kwsites-button-enabled-background
  • @kwsites-enabled-input-color
  • @kwsites-button-enabled-color
  • @kwsites-input-margin