Configurable image gallery compatible with the apostrophe cms

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  import kwsitesCmsImages from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@kwsites/cms-images';



Extensions for working with images in an apostrophe backed application.

What you get

This module includes an 'improve' to the apostrophe-images and apostrophe-images-widgets modules.


  • Adds support for tag filtering in the image manage / search dialog. Enabled by default but can be disabled by setting apostrophe-images: { showTagFilter: false }


  • Gallery mode image re-ordering with drag & drop: when showing a gallery of images, drag the thumbnails to re-order the images. (Disable with apostrophe-images-widgets: { enableRouteReorder: false })
  • Gallery expanded mode image re-focusing: when showing the expanded view of a single image from a gallery, allows for setting the focal point of the image by clicking in the image without needing to launch the image editor. (Disable with apostrophe-images-widgets: { enableRouteFocalPoint: false })
  • Adds support for layout selection based on the number of images chosen.

How to include it

Install with npm i @kwsites/cms-images or yarn add @kwsites/cms-images.

Ensure your application also has a dependency on @kwsites/cms-common, which provides the less plugins used by this library to generate its theme.

Add the usual import to your app.js:

   modules: {

      '@kwsites/cms-common': {},
      '@kwsites/cms-images': {},



At the time of publishing, Apostrophe CMS doesn't automatically support @scoped/ dependency modules, which causes an error when the CMS starts up and is unable to symlink the source of the modules into the /public folder correctly.

To resolve this, you need to manually create the directory /public/modules/@kwsites before starting the server. To have this run automatically after installing dependencies, add the following to your package.json scripts block:

  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "mkdir -p ./public/modules/@kwsites"