A Redux binding for React Router v6

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  import lagunovskyReduxReactRouter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@lagunovsky/redux-react-router';


Redux React Router

A Redux binding for React Router v6, based on Connected React Router

Main features

  • Synchronize router state with redux store through uni-directional flow (i.e. history -> store -> router -> components).

  • Supports React Router v6 and History v5

  • Supports functional component hot reloading while preserving state.

  • Dispatching of history methods (push, replace, go, goBack, goForward) works for both redux-thunk and redux-saga.

  • Nested children can access routing state such as the current location directly with react-redux's connect.

  • Supports time traveling in Redux DevTools.

  • TypeScript


Redux React Router requires React 16.8, React Redux 6.0, React Router 6.0 or later.

$ npm install --save @lagunovsky/redux-react-router


$ yarn add @lagunovsky/redux-react-router


See the examples folder

Note: the history object provided to router reducer, routerMiddleware, and ReduxRouter component must be the same history object.