This package contains the Vue framework extension for the @leanup/cli.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import leanupCliVue from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@leanup/cli-vue';


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This package contains the vue CLI adapter. You can create a new or switch a existing project to the @leanup/stack.


You can create a new project folder or go in a existing folder.

Create a new project folder:

  1. mkdir new-vue-app
  2. cd new-vue-app
  3. npm install -D @leanup/cli @leanup/cli-vue
  4. npx vue create

Go in a existing folder

  1. cd my-vue-app
  2. npm install -D @leanup/cli @leanup/cli-vue
  3. npx vue create --only-config --overwrite
  4. Proof the configuration changes and adopt it for your.


Execute npm run in your terminal. It lists all preconfigured tools commands of the @leanup/stack.

For example: npm start 😉


Please give us feedback of you experience, so that we can continuously improve @leanup.