Micro Configurations Reader for Masses

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  import levz0rUconfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@levz0r/uconfig';



🤏 Micro Configurations Reader for Masses

  • The smallest configuration reader in the world.
  • Works with any JSON file as configuration source.
  • Has only one external dependency.

Getting Started

Install uConfig using npm:

npm i uconfig


Create a JSON file which will hold your configuration.

For example:

    "DB": {
        "USERNAME": "user",
        "PASSWORD": "password"
    "API": {
        "ENDPOINT": "http://example.com"

Initialize uConfig instance:

const uConfig = require("@levz0r/uconfig").default;

const config = new uConfig(/* Path to configuration JSON */);

Read configuration value:


Fallback value:

config.get("DB.PORT", 27017)