Core tools for use with @library-api packages.

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  import libraryApiCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@library-api/core';


Library Core

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Core tools for use with other Library API packages.


These can also be used to build your own app based on this API.

This package is brought to you by Library API.


Please note that core tools are built to run on a Node environment as it requires a filesystem to store downloaded files.

You can install with your preferred package manager:

npm install @library-api/core

# Yarn
yarn add @library-api/core


View the documentation here


Run the following commands to get started. If you are running from the root directory you can add media to run these (for example yarn core build instead of just yarn build):

# Build (outputs to /dist)
yarn build

# Lint files
yarn lint

# Run test suite
yarn test

# Run Type Checking Service
yarn tsc