Lorena SDK

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  import lorenaSsiLorenaSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@lorena-ssi/lorena-sdk';


Lorena SDK

Client library for interacting with Lorena identities

npm install @lorena-ssi/lorena-sdk

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const Lorena = require('@lorena-ssi/lorena-sdk').default
// const import Lorena from '@lorena-ssi/lorena-sdk'
const main = async () => {
  const lorena = new Lorena({debug: true})

  lorena.on('error', (e) => {

  lorena.on('ready', async () => {
      recipe: 'ping', // Remote recipe we are calling to
      recipeId: 0, // Remote id of the recipeId we are calling to
      threadRef: 'pong', // Local name for your process
      threadId: 2, // Local id  for your process
      payload: {} // Payload to send


  lorena.on('message:pong', (payload) => {
    console.log('pong', payload)



new Lorena([serverPath[,options]] || [options])

serverPath can be a valid matrix server string, default: https://matrix.caelumlabs.com

options include:

    debug: false // set the debug option, default false

createUser(username, password)

Create Matrix user and zenroom keypair. Returns true or false when success or not available. Throws an error and emits error if fails.


Connect to Lorena IDspace. connectionstring is a concatenation of username-password-did

Returns true if the connection is success

Throws an error and emits error if fails.


Establishes a connection with the IDspace, checking public-key signatures.

callRecipe(recipe, { payloadText: 'text', payloadETC: 'ETC'})

Calls a recipe and returns the payload. A wrapper around sendAction.

Throws an error and emits error if fails.

sendAction(recipe, recipeId, threadRef, thReadId, payload, linkId)

Sends an action to another DID.

recipe Remote recipe name

recipeId Remote recipe Id

threadRefLocal Recipe name

threadId Local recipe Id

payload Information to send

linkId Connection to use

on(message[:threadRef, :type], [function(payload)])

Listen to events and execute the callback function

threadRef is the one sended to sendAction

type TODO

payload is the data coming from the remote recipe

off(message[:threadRef, :type])

Stops listening for events