Lorena Maxonrow integration library

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Lorena-Maxonrow integration README

Use Maxonrow Blockchain

Blockchain usage is specified by argument.



Infer from didMethod which Blockchain class must be instantiated

Dids structure in MXN Blockchain

Initially, the TokenItem structure was conceived to hold the whole Identity's public keys history. However, due to size limitations on TokenItems, it holds only the most recent key inside the publicKeys array in metadata:

    const metadata = {
      publicKeys: [keyStruct], // Array de keyStructures
      diddocHash: ''

Step by step

  1. Create a Token (i.e. LORDID) A Maxonrow blockchain Token is like a class definition where you define the Token Symbol, metadata and properties.

    • Symbol is the class ID In our case symbol = LORDID
    • Metadata is a mutable data field for this Token (class)
    • Properties is a inmutable data field for this Token (class)
  2. Create a TokenItem (i.e. an Identity)

    • A TokenItem must assign a symbol (should be Token symbol it belongs to)
    • itemID = Item Unique ID (used during search)
    • Properties and metadata for this Item (object)
    TokenItem = {
      symbol: this.symbol // Token symbol it belongs to (i.e. LORDID)
      itemID: did   // did string (must be a unique ID here)
      properties:  // immutable data (in our structure we leave it empty)
      metadata: // mutable data
  1. Mint TokenItem to the Token it belongs
    return nonFungibleToken.NonFungibleToken.fromSymbol(this.symbol, this.wallet).then((minterIdentity) => {
      // Mint to this wallet address
      return minterIdentity.mint(this.wallet.address, tkItem).then((receipt) => {
        console.log(receipt) // do something
        return receipt
  1. Query TokenItem (Identity) and get most recent Public Key
    return nonFungibleTokenItem.NonFungibleTokenItem.fromSymbol(this.symbol, did, this.wallet).then((tkItem) => {
      const index = JSON.parse(tkItem.state.metadata).publicKeys.length - 1
      const key = JSON.parse(tkItem.state.metadata).publicKeys[index].key
      return key

Practical Examples

- [Create a Token](docs/create-token-sample.md)
- [Create a Token Item and mint it](docs/create-tokenItem-and_mint.md)
- [Query a Token Item](docs/query-tokenItem.md)
- [Register a DID document Hash](docs/register-diddochash.md)
- [Rotate key](docs/rotate-key.md)

Running the tests

Before running the tests don't forget to export the keys and variables inside .env file (not in the repo for security reasons). The .env file is Google Drive maxonrow-integration folder.