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React components for internationalization

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Just press on t and take a result from @lskjs/t. Or in reverse.

Installation and usage

The easiest way to use is to install it from npm and build it into your app with Webpack.

npm install @lskjs/t

Then use it in your app:

import t from '@lskjs/t';

const App = (
    <T name="page.header.title" />
    <T name="page.header.subtitle" />

For more examples and usage, please refer


import T from '@lskjs/t/T';
import withT from '@lskjs/t/withT';

export default () => (
    <Button variant="primary">Primary button</Button>
    <Button variant="outline-secondary">Secondary Button</Button>
    <Button as="input" type="submit" value="Submit Button" />
    <Button size="lg">Large Button</Button>
    <Button block>Block Button</Button>
    <Button active>Active Button</Button>
    <Button disabled>Disabled Button</Button>
    <Button type="primary" shape="circle" icon={<SearchOutlined />} />

See the more examples in Storybook.

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Contributors ✨

Igor Suvorov

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

Inspired by

  • i18next
  • mobx
  • mobx-provider


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