A full-featured macchiatojs body parser (with raw Node.js support) 🎳.

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A full-featured @macchiatojs body parser middleware. Supports multipart, urlencoded, and json request bodies. Provides the same functionality as Express's bodyParser - multer.


  • 🦄 Based on top of [co-body] and [formidable].
  • 🚀 Isomorphic to the moon.
  • 🔥 Blaze and lightweight parser.
  • 📌 Support for form.
  • 🎯 Support for json.
  • 🥞 Support for multipart.
  • 🪁 Support for file upload.
  • 📋 Support for text (raw text, html, xml).
  • ✨ Asynchronous support (async/await).
  • 🐢 Raw Node.js (http) support.
  • 🎉 TypeScript support.


# npm
$ npm install @macchiatojs/body
# yarn
$ yarn add @macchiatojs/body

When use this module with raw Node.js should insall an additional module type-is.


with Macchiato.js

import Macchiato from "@macchiatojs/kernel";
import requestBody from "@macchiatojs/body";

const app = new Macchiato();

app.use((request: Request, response: Response) => {
  response.body = request["body"];


with raw Node.js

import http from "http";
import requestBody from "@macchiatojs/body";

const server = http.createServer(async (request, response) => {
  try {
    await requestBody()(request);
    response.statusCode = 200;
  } catch (error) {
    response.statusCode = 500;
    response.end("some thing long ...");



Options available for @macchiatojs/body. Four custom options, and others are from raw-body and formidable.

  • expressify {Boolean} Only with Macchiato.js; Choose the right middleware style (false ==> koaify / true ==> expressify), default true
  • jsonLimit {String|Integer} The byte (if integer) limit of the JSON body, default 1mb
  • formLimit {String|Integer} The byte (if integer) limit of the form body, default 56kb
  • textLimit {String|Integer} The byte (if integer) limit of the text body, default 56kb
  • encoding {String} Sets encoding for incoming form fields, default utf-8
  • multipart {Boolean} Parse multipart bodies, default false
  • urlencoded {Boolean} Parse urlencoded bodies, default true
  • text {Boolean} Parse text bodies, such as XML, default true
  • json {Boolean} Parse JSON bodies, default true
  • jsonStrict {Boolean} Toggles co-body strict mode; if set to true - only parses arrays or objects, default true
  • formidable {Object} Options to pass to the formidable multipart parser
  • parsedMethods {String[]} Declares the HTTP methods where bodies will be parsed, default ['POST', 'PUT', 'PATCH'].

A note about parsedMethods

see http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-httpbis-p2-semantics-19#section-6.3

  • GET, HEAD, and DELETE requests have no defined semantics for the request body, but this doesn't mean they may not be valid in certain use cases.
  • @macchiatojs/body is strict by default, parsing only POST, PUT, and PATCH requests.

Some options for formidable

See node-formidable for a full list of options

  • maxFields {Integer} Limits the number of fields that the querystring parser will decode, default 1000
  • maxFieldsSize {Integer} Limits the amount of memory all fields together (except files) can allocate in bytes. If this value is exceeded, an 'error' event is emitted, default 2mb (2 * 1024 * 1024)
  • uploadDir {String} Sets the directory for placing file uploads in, default os.tmpDir()
  • keepExtensions {Boolean} Files written to uploadDir will include the extensions of the original files, default false
  • hash {String} If you want checksums calculated for incoming files, set this to either 'sha1' or 'md5', default false
  • multiples {Boolean} Multiple file uploads or no, default true
  • onFileBegin {Function} Special callback on file begin. The function is executed directly by formidable. It can be used to rename files before saving them to disk. See the docs


If you have any problem or suggestion please open an issue.


MIT © Imed Jaberi