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  import madebyconnorRichTextFromNotion from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion';



A library to convert Notion page content to the Contentful Rich Text document format.

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rich-text-from-notion is in writing...

Some standout features include...

All this clocks in at around 3.7 kB gzipped.

⚠️ Requires Node >= 8.0.0.


Install @madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion with your favorite package manager.

# yarn
yarn add @madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion
# npm
npm install @madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion

Getting started

@madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion exports a function

import richTextFromNotion from '@madebyconnor/rich-text-from-notion';



    rich text. duh! (in writing...)

Getting the smallest possible bundle size

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Here are instructions for some of the popular bundlers:


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