Pusher module for nestjs with support for event chunking and decorators

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  import malifficNestjsPusher from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@maliffic/nestjs-pusher';


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Nestjs-Pusher is a library that aims to solve a simple problem that is providing a "battery-included" pusher module for Nestjs. By default, Pusher only gives you a default push mechanism but this library has chunking support which is great for large data amount since the default payload size is 10 MB.


Incoming soon with examples


  • Extensive API
  • Event chunking
  • Unit tests helper
  • Custom decorators and interceptors for REST API


$ npm install nestjs-pusher
$ yarn add nestjs-pusher


Feel free to help this library, I'm quite busy with also another Nestjs packages, but the community will appreciate the effort of improving this library. Make sure you follow the guidelines

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MIT licensed