Redux module to model and retrieve MarkLogic documents

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  import marklogicCommunityGroveCrudRedux from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@marklogic-community/grove-crud-redux';


MarkLogic Document Management using Redux

This is a Redux implementation for interaction with MarkLogic documents in the browser. It forms part of the MarkLogic Grove project. See the reference application for an example of using this library in practice.


npm install @marklogic-community/grove-crud-redux --save



Override default backend API service wrapper


The provided selectors only know about their slice of state, so your consuming code needs to wrap them to provide their particular slice of state. For example:

import {
  actions as documentActions,
  selectors as documentSelectors
} from 'grove-crud-redux';

const bindSelector = (selector, mountPoint) => {
  return (state, ...args) => {
    return selector(state[mountPoint], ...args)
const bindSelectors = (selectors, mountPoint) => {
  return Object.keys(selectors).reduce((bound, key) => {
    bound[key] = bindSelector(selectors[key], mountPoint)
    return bound
  }, {})

const boundDocumentSelectors = bindSelectors(documentSelectors, 'documents');

'Ducks' architecture

This roughly follows the architecture laid out in the re-ducks proposal:

Specifically, the actionCreators and selectors are the primary external UI. State and reducers should be an implementation detail.


You will need to install the devDependencies:

npm install


This project uses Webpack for building.

npm run build


This project uses Jest for testing.

npm test

Or, if you want it to watch for file changes and automatically re-run the tests:

npm run test:watch


This project uses the Javascript Standard Style. It will be checked automatically when you run tests, but you will have a greatly improved experience if you install an ESLint checker in your text editor, so linting errors are highlighted immediately.