DOM, Webcomponents, Animations, Events and AJAX Library.

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Bost.ts is a library that makes working with browsers easier: everything from DOM manipulation to web components, event handling, animations, routing, multi-threading and AJAX requests. It was developed for Mathigon.org, an award-winning mathematics education project.



First, install Boost.ts from NPM using

npm install @mathigon/boost

Now, simply import all functions and classes you need, using

import {$, CustomElement, Browser} from '@mathigon/boost'


We welcome community contributions: please file any bugs you find or send us pull requests with improvements. You can find out more on Mathigon.io.

Before submitting a pull request, you will need to sign the Mathigon Individual Contributor License Agreement.

Copyright and License

Copyright © Mathigon (dev@mathigon.org)
Released under the MIT license