A customisable snowflake module for Angular 10+.

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<script type="module">
  import mbrewertonMbSnow from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@mbrewerton/mb-snow';




mb-snow is an Angular 10 module for adding a snowfall effect to your Angular applications.

It's customisable and extremely easy to use.


  • Install mb-snow with npm: npm i @mbrewerton/mb-snow.
  • Import the MbSnowModule in your <name>.module.ts.
  • Add the <mb-snow></mb-snow> component to any component in your application.

You can overwrite the following default values by passing them into the component:

  • minRadius default: 1.5
    • The smallest size of snowflakes.
  • maxRadius default: 3
    • The largest size of snowflakes.
  • minVelocity default: 0.75
    • Used as the lowest value for the snowflake velocity calculations.
  • maxVelocity default: 1.5
    • Used as the highest value for the snowflake velocity calculations.
  • sway default: true
    • Whether snowflakes should "sway" or fall straight down.
  • swayOffset default: 5
    • The "offset" used to calculate potential sway. A higher value means higher potential sway on the X axis.
  • autoStart default: true
    • Whether the snowflakes should start falling on start. Note: There is currently no other way to initialise the snowflakes
  • amount default: 250
    • The amount used to calculate the number of snowflakes based on screen estate. A higher value means higher potential of snowflakes being created. Lower screen sizes will see less snowflakes.
  • forceAmount default: false
    • Forces the amount of snowflakes to be exactly what is passed to [amount] - or its default.
  • zIndex default: 1
    • The z-index of the snowflake canvas.