Default Media.Monks Prettier Configuration

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  import mediamonksPrettierConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@mediamonks/prettier-config';


MediaMonks - Prettier Configuration

The official Media.Monks prettier configuration, based on the Frontend Coding Standards.


The configuration can be installed via npm.

npm install --dev @mediamonks/prettier-config

To inform prettier of this configuration, you have to add the prettier property to your package.json file:

"prettier": "@mediamonks/prettier-config"

Instead of manually editing your package.json, you can also utilize the npm pkg subcommand:

npm pkg set prettier=@mediamonks/prettier-config


Prettier does not ship with a built-in way of extending configurations.

To extend the configuration, you will have to create a .prettierrc.js file (or .prettierrc.cjs if your package is a "type": "module") and import the Media.Monks configuration using require:

module.exports = {
  semi: false,

If you have previously added the configuration to your package.json, via the prettier property, you can now remove it. You can also utilize the npm pkg:

npm pkg delete prettier