DOM is clumsy. NomJS makes it easy.

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Nom.js is a DOM library that works with JSX syntax (not compatible with React components).

Project targets:

  • Small size
  • Be performant
  • Have compact easy-to-understand syntax
  • Embrace native DOM: synchronize updates without Virtual DOM


Nom exposes three methods: h, fragment and mount.

Short explanations:

  • h is like React.createElement, but returns native DOM nodes.
  • fragment accepts DOM nodes, strings etc. and returns a fragment.
  • mount takes DOM nodes or a fragment and mounts them for constant updates.

This allows to do small browser-only apps easily:

/** @jsx h */
import { h, mount } from '@merri/nomjs'

const colors = ['blue', 'red', 'gray', 'orange']

// this short example does evil mutation of `color` variable
function Component({ color }) {
    return (
        <div style={() => ({ backgroundColor: color, padding: '6px' })}>
            <p>Hello World!</p>
            <button onclick={() => color = colors[(colors.indexOf(color) + 1) % colors.length]}>
                Change color

    mount(<Component color="black" />)

Get it

npm install --save @merri/nomjs
yarn add @merri/nomjs

Please note this lib is still in alpha so there will probably be large changes to how things work.