A source xPack with the µOS++ synthetic POSIX architecture port

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A source xPacks with the µOS++ synthetic POSIX platform

A source xPack with the µOS++ files specific for running on POSIX platfroms.

The project is hosted on GitHub as micro-os-plus/architecture-synthetic-posix-xpack.

Maintainer info

This page is addressed to developers who plan to include this package into their own projects.

For maintainer infos, please see the README-MAINTAINER file.


As a source xPacks, the easiest way to add it to a project is via xpm, but it can also be used as any Git project, for example as a submodule.


A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application.

For details please follow the instructions in the install page.


Note: the package will be available from npmjs.com at a later date.

For now, it can be installed from GitHub:

cd my-project
xpm init # Unless a package.json is already present

xpm install github:micro-os-plus/architecture-synthetic-posix-xpack

When ready, this package will be available as @micro-os-plus/architecture-synthetic-posix from the npmjs.com registry:

cd my-project
xpm init # Unless a package.json is already present

xpm install @micro-os-plus/architecture-synthetic-posix@latest

Git submodule

If, for any reason, xpm is not available, the next recommended solution is to link it as a Git submodule below an xpacks folder.

cd my-project
git init # Unless already a Git project
mkdir -p xpacks

git submodule add https://github.com/micro-os-plus/architecture-synthetic-posix-xpack.git \


Apart from the unused master branch, there are two active branches:

  • xpack, with the latest stable version (default)
  • xpack-develop, with the current development version

All development is done in the xpack-develop branch, and contributions via Pull Requests should be directed to this branch.

When new releases are published, the xpack-develop branch is merged into xpack.

User info

This xPack provides the implementation for the µOS++ scheduler, running on a synthetic POSIX platform, as an user mode process under macOS and GNU/Linux.


The µOS++ synthetic POSIX scheduler port is fully functional.


When running on a synthetic POSIX platform, the µOS++ scheduler runs in cooperative mode only.

Implementing the preemptive mode seems quite dificult and was not addressed.

Build & integration info

To include this µOS++ port in a project, consider the following details.

Include folders

  • include

Source folders

  • src

Preprocessor definitions


C++ Namespaces


C++ Classes


Known problems

  • none






The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.