A parser for the TypeScript doc comment syntax

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This library is the reference implementation of a parser for the TSDoc syntax. Using this library is an easy way to ensure that your tool is 100% compatible with the standard.

What is TSDoc?

TSDoc is a proposal to standardize the doc comments used in TypeScript source files. It allows different tools to extract content from comments without getting confused by each other's syntax. The TSDoc notation looks pretty familiar:

export class Statistics {
   * Returns the average of two numbers.
   * @remarks
   * This method is part of the {@link core-library#Statistics | Statistics subsystem}.
   * @param x - The first input number
   * @param y - The second input number
   * @returns The arithmetic mean of `x` and `y`
   * @beta
  public static getAverage(x: number, y: number): number {
    return (x + y) / 2.0;

Give it a try!

Check out the TSDoc Playground for a cool live demo of our parser!

API Usage

The api-demo folder on GitHub illustrates how to invoke the TSDoc parser.

A separate NPM package @microsoft/tsdoc-config is used for loading the tsdoc.json file.

Get involved

The TSDoc project is actively evolving. Please visit the website for the latest documentation, instructions for building/debugging the projects, and other resources: