Post an automated message to the relevant GitHub pull request.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import mixmaxhqPostGithubCommentFromTravis from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@mixmaxhq/post-github-comment-from-travis';



Post a comment to the appropriate pull request thread on GitHub when run in a pull request build on GitHub.

Beware: this package will attach an asyncIterator property to Symbol if one does not exist, for compatibility reasons. If you find this problematic, feel free to submit a pull request.

Should support Node 7.6+ (uses untranspiled async and await).


$ npm i -D '@mixmaxhq/post-github-comment-from-travis'


import { postComment } from '@mixmaxhq/post-github-comment-from-travis';
import pkg from './package.json';

const numDependencies = Object.keys(pkg.dependencies).length;
postComment(`there are now ${numDependencies} dependencies`, { purpose: 'dependency-count' }).then(
  (result) => console.log(result)
$ post-github-comment-from-travis --purpose package-tree-size
  <<< "there are now $(wc -l package-lock.json) lines in the lockfile"


postComment(content, { ?auth, ?purpose, ?replace })

Post a comment to the contextually relevant GitHub pull request.

  • content: the GitHub-flavored markdown content to put in the comment
  • auth: the optional authentication parameter to pass to @octokit/rest - will use the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable if not provided
  • purpose: a string signifying the comment's purpose - repeated calls with the same purpose on the same pull request will overwrite the prior comment
  • replace: if true (and a purpose is provided), create a new comment and delete the old one instead of editing it. if replace is force, recreates the comment even if the content hasn't changed.

By default, will not edit/replace the comment if the content is the same as the existing comment.