Persistence and live synchronization layer for testing JavaScript applications.

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  import mswjsStorage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@mswjs/storage';



Data storage and persistency layer for testing JavaScript applications.



The values of a live storage are persisted in the session. In a browser that is achieved by sessionStorage.

Real-time synchronization

Updates to the storage are synchronized between all active clients in real time. In a browser that is achieved by using a BroadcastChannel to signal updates.

When to use?

  • When writing CRUD operations in tests;
  • When conducting local in-browser testing/debugging;
  • In combination with API mocking tools (i.e. MSW)

Get started


$ npm install @mswjs/storage --save-dev

Create storage

import { LiveStorage } from '@mswjs/storage'

// Instantiate a new storage with a unique string key
// and initial value.
const posts = new LiveStorage('posts', [])

Update values

// Storage update is a function that derives the next value
// from the previous storage value.
posts.update((prevPosts) => prevPosts.concat({ title: 'Brave new world' });

Get value

posts.getValue() // [{ title: 'Brave new world' }]