a package to scrape various information from Michigan Tech

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  import mtucoursesScraper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@mtucourses/scraper';




Scrapes various types of information from Michigan Tech, including faculty members and offered courses.

🏗 Usage

const {getAllSections} = require('@mtucourses/scraper');

(async () => {
  const fallTerm = new Date();
  fallTerm.setFullYear(2020, 7);

  const sections = await getAllSections(fallTerm);


See the documentation for details.

🧰 Development

# First:
# install dependencies
yarn install

# then:
# build in watch mode
yarn build:watch

# and you can:

# run tests
yarn test

# run tests in watch mode
yarn test:watch

To publish a new package version, run npm version [patch|minor|major] and then git push && git push --tags on the master branch.