React integration for Shopify ReCharge

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  import nacelleReactRecharge from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nacelle/react-recharge';



Adds a React component Recharge subscriptions in your Nacelle project.

Image of RechargeSelect Component


  • A Nacelle project set up locally. See https://docs.getnacelle.com for getting started.
  • A Recharge app installed and setup on your Shopify store.


Add Module to Nacelle

Once you have Nacelle and Recharge set up you can install this module in your project from npm:

npm install @nacelle/react-recharge -S


Recharge sets important product metafields that we need to expose to Nacelle. We can do this with a simple graphql query using Shopify's GraphQL Admin API

This module adds an NPM command that can be run to expose these, and only needs to be run once during the initial setup

npx expose-metafields store=<your-myshopify-domain> token=<your-shopify-admin-api-token>

This command will query the Admin API to expose the metafields needed. The value for store is, for example, starship-furniture if the store's Shopify domain is starship-furniture.myshopify.com. Please note that the token must be the GraphQL Admin API token.


import { RechargeSelect } from '@nacelle/react-recharge';

<RechargeSelect product={product} getCartMetafields={getCartMetafields} />;


  • product (required): A Shopify Product object
  • getCartMetafields (required): This is a callback function that is passed to the component and will return the values of metafields that should be integrated into the cart. Every time the user changes between the delivery frequency or the type of purchase, this callback will be run and provide updated metafields. When the item is added to cart, these metafields should be appended to any other metafields required in the cart.
  • disabled: Disable the input
  • subscriptionLabel: The label that is used for the subscription selection section of the component. The default value is 'Subscribe'
  • oneTimeLabel: The label that is used for the single purchase selection section of the component. The default value is 'One-Time Purchase'
  • containerStyles: Any additional styles that should be applied to the containing div
  • onChange: Any action that should take place when a value is changed. This function is passed the React synthetic event for the input change

Example of getCartMetafields:

const itemMetafields = useRef([]);

const getCartMetafields = (cartMetafields) => {
  // type CartMetafield = {
  //   key: 'charge_interval_frequency' | 'order_interval_frequency' | 'order_interval_unit';
  //   value: string;
  // }
  itemMetafields.current = cartMetafields;


An example integration with Nextjs can be found here.