immutable persistent hash_map for the browser and node.js

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Immutable HashMap

Immutable persistent hash map for the browser and node.js

Install using npm

$ npm install @nathanfaucett/immutable-hash_map --save

Install using yarn

$ yarn add @nathanfaucett/immutable-hash_map --save

Example Usage

var ImmutableHashMap = require("@nathanfaucett/immutable-hash_map");

var a = new ImmutableHashMap({0: 0, 1: 1}),
    b = new ImmutableHashMap(0, 0, 1, 1),
    c = ImmutableHashMap.of({0: 0, 1: 1}),
    d = ImmutableHashMap.of(0, 0, 1, 1);

var a0 = a.set(2, 2),
    a1 = a.remove(1);



length -> Number

returns size of HashMap, only available if Object.defineProperty is supported

Static Functions

HashMap.isHashMap(value: Any) -> Boolean

returns true if value is a hash map else false

HashMap.of(...values: Array) -> HashMap

creates HashMap from passed values same as new HashMap(...values: Array<Any>)

HashMap.equal(a: HashMap, b: HashMap) -> Boolean

compares hash maps by values


size() -> Number

returns size of HashMap

get(key: Any) -> Any

returns value at key

has(key: Any) -> Boolean

returns true if hash map contains key

set(key: Any, value: Any) -> HashMap

returns new HashMap if value at key is not set or different

remove(key: Any) -> HashMap

returns new HashMap without the value at key

iterator([reverse = false: Boolean]) -> Iterator

returns Iterator

toArray() -> Array<[Any, Any]>

returns HashMap elements in an Array

toObject() -> Object<String, Any>

returns HashMap elements in an Object, keys should be primitives or some key value pairs will be lost

join([separator = " "]) -> String

join all elements of an HashMap into a String

toString() -> String

String representation of HashMap

equals(other: HashMap) -> Boolean

compares this hash map to other hash map by values

every, filter, forEach, forEachRight, map, reduce, reduceRight, some

some common methods