Simple site/blog compiler

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  import nathanhoadHey from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nathanhoad/hey';



A simple site/blog compiler.


Install hey globally:

npm install -g @nathanhoad/hey


Make a folder for your project and then hey in it.

That will generate a default hey.json config file:

  "title": "My Website",
  "url": "https://mywebsite.com",
  "posts": "./posts",
  "public": "./public",
  "templates": "./templates",
  "pages": ["404", "archive"]

along with some default content. The templates directory contains ejs templates used when compiling the static html. The posts directory is where your posts will go (there is an example one in there to start with).

Then you can build with hey build or run with hey run (running will compile first).

Live demo

My site runs on hey.


  • Nathan Hoad