Material Design Dialogs inform users about a task and can contain critical information, require decisions, or involve multiple tasks.

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<script type="module">
  import nativescriptCommunityUiMaterialDialogs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs';


NativeScript Material Dialogs

Material Design's Dialogs component for NativeScript.

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  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. FAQ
  4. Usage


:warning: Warning :warning:

From NativeScript 5.x using this component will break the NativeScript tab component on iOS (which is bound to be removed). This is needed to allow using the latest native iOS features. If needed you can use either bottomnavigationbar (this one is the best choice, closest to material design) or material-tabs (clone of the NativeScript one, but with a little less features).

For NativeScript 7.0+

  • tns plugin add @nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs

For NativeScript 6.x

  • tns plugin add nativescript-material-dialogs

If using tns-core-modules

  • tns plugin add nativescript-material-dialogs@2.5.4

Be sure to run a new build after adding plugins to avoid any issues.




Uses the same API as NativeScript Dialogs.

Adds one option for alert:

  • view : can be a NativeScript View or a path to to XML component. The custom view will be added to the dialog. Possibilities become endless.


import { login, alert, prompt } from "@nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs";

alert("Your message").then(()=> {
    console.log("Dialog closed!");