A set of TSLint rules for NativeScript projects.

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NativeScript TSLint Rules

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This project contains tslint rules useful for NativeScript applications.

prefer-mapped-imports rule

Prefer using mapped paths when importing external modules or ES6 import declarations.

Note: This rule is intended for code-sharing NativeScript projects


  • prefix specifies the prefix for the mapped imports (usually "@src/").
  • prefix-mapped-to specifies folder that is mapped to the prefix (usually "src/").
  • base-url specifies the base url of the typescript program (usually ".")`

Sample rule config (tslint.json):

"prefer-mapped-imports": [
        "prefix": "@prefix/",
        "prefix-mapped-to": "src/",
        "base-url": "."


The rule will propose a fix if:

  • Has all the configurations in the tslint.json
  • Used in typescript project with baseUrl and path mappings for either web or mobile files.

no-android-resources rule

The rule forbids using constants inside android.R as they cause performance issues.