NPM and JAVA dependency analyser

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  import naturalcyclesDependencyCheck from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@naturalcycles/dependency-check';


Dependency Checker

Analyze NPM and JAVA dependencies that your project depends on. Quickly view a list of open issues and aggregated data for each open-source package.

Check this link for more information on how packages are analyzed.


You can either install it globally

npm install -g @naturalcycles/dependency-check

or as one of your dev dependencies.

npm install --save-dev @naturalcycles/dependency-check

Running the checker

As dependency checker queries multiple Github sources, set your own github token while/before running it.

GITHUB_TOKEN=<my-github-token> nc-depcheck


Clone this repo to your workspace

git clone https://github.com/NaturalCycles/dependency-check.git

install dependencies

npm install

link this package to be able to use it globally.

npm link

And finally build it in watch mode

npm run watch