A command line application to work with Titus

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  import nearformTitusCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nearform/titus-cli';


Titus CLI

A command line application to work with Titus


  • starter command to initialise a new Titus application.
  • The ability to choose between a Titus application for the backend, frontend or both.


npm install -g @nearform/titus-cli

If you'd prefer not to install the package globally you can use npx which comes bundled with npm 5.2.0 or later. You can use it like so:

npx @nearform/titus-cli starter <project-name>


titus starter <project-name>


titus starter my-project

This pulls the latest version of titus starter shell from GitHub and copies it to a new subfolder of the current directory called my-project/


Install the dependencies using either npm or yarn:

npm install

To use the local version of the cli in the command line we need to link it to our global packages and add the bin to our PATH:

npm link

NB. This doesn't work in yarn at the moment. There are several open issues about it, but it is not looking like something that will get resolved.