Control for iterating over a dimension with a set time between each step.

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<script type="module">
  import nebulaJsSnAnimator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nebula.js/sn-animator';


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An animator for nebula.js.

The animator values over a dimension. The animator is normally used to observe relationships among charts.

Animator example


Requires @nebula.js/stardust version 1.2.0 or later. You can also load through the script tag directly from https://unpkg.com.


If you use npm: npm install @nebula.js/sn-animator.


import { embed } from '@nebula.js/stardust';
import animator from '@nebula.js/sn-animator';

// 'app' is an enigma app model
const nuked = embed(app, {
  types: [
      // register the animator
      name: 'animator',
      load: () => Promise.resolve(animator),

// Rendering a animator on the fly
  type: 'animator',

More details can be found in the `examples` folder.

## Release the Animator chart

#### Publish package
New packages should be published by Circle CI and it will publish a new release if the package.json version matches the tag. Ie `package.json = 2.0.0 && tag = v2.0.0`.
The simplest way to accomplish this is to follow the steps below. Also don't forget to resolve/close all appropriate JIRA issues.

- Make sure `origin/master` (github master) has all changes that should be included in the release.
- Ensure you have clean and up to date local master.
- Run one of the following commands depending on what type of release it is you want to make

A standard release is made with (if you're not sure, this is the one you want).
- `yarn minor-release`

For a major release with breaking changes
- `yarn major-release`

For a patch release in a release branch
- `yarn patch-release`

You can use this command to make a pre-release. Use it in your branch to not affect the version in master and be sure to revert back to the master's version when you create the PR.
- `yarn pre-release`