Nash Link SDK

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  import neonExchangeNashLink from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@neon-exchange/nash-link';


Nash Pay SDK for Node.js / TypeScript

SDK for merchants to integrate Nash Pay on their backend.


Install with

# npm
npm install --save @neon-exchange/nash-link

# yarn
yarn add @neon-exchange/nash-link

Start building!

 import { NashLinkApi } from '@neon-exchange/nash-link'
 const api = new NashLinkApi('sandbox', `<YOUR_API_KEY>`, `<YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY>`)

// Create a new invoice:
const invoiceCreateResponse = await api.createInvoice({
  price: 10
  currency: 'eur'

// Get an invoice by ID:
const invoiceGetResponse = await api.getInvoice(invoiceId)

Take a look at the examples, for instance invoice-create-and-get.ts.

You can run this example like this:

$ npm install -g ts-node
$ ts-node examples/invoice-create-and-get.ts


These are the two main files:

Often used yarn commands:

yarn install
yarn build
yarn lint
yarn test