Netlify Build plugin to bundle Edge functions

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  import netlifyPluginEdgeHandlers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@netlify/plugin-edge-handlers';


Netlify Plugin Edge Handlers

This plugin is used to bundle Edge Handlers for deployment. It is included in the list of core plugins in Netlify's build, meaning that any handler under the netlify/edge-handlers directory will be bundled by Netlify's buildbot.


This plugin is already integrated into Netlify's build process and will not need to be included in your project for Edge Handlers to work.

To run this plugin locally in an existing project that has Edge Handlers, you'll need to install the netlify build codebase locally and symlink this plugin to that repo. To do so:

  1. Clone the build repo and install dependencies:

    git clone git@github.com:netlify/build.git
    npm i
  2. Create a symlink from netlify-build/packages/build/node_modules/@netlify/plugin-edge-handlers towards the Edge handlers plugin's root directory:

    # manual way
    ln -s
    # or
    npm link
  3. Verify that the previous step worked:

    cd /path/to/netlify-build/packages/build
    node -p 'require("@netlify/plugin-edge-handlers")' # prints the `onPostBuild` exported function
  4. Run the plugin locally in your project by typing in your project directory:

    node /path/to/netlify-build/packages/build/src/core/bin.js