Helper for VCL support in Angular CLI

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  import ngVclWebpackHelper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ng-vcl/webpack-helper';



Extends the Angular CLI webpack config with vcl support.

Requirements / Installation

  • @vcl/preprocessor: ^0.6.0
  • css-loader: ^3.2.0
  • webpack-merge: ^4.2.2
npm install @vcl/preprocessor webpack-merge css-loader --save-dev
$ npm install @vcl/preprocessor webpack-merge css-loader @ng-vcl/webpack-helper --save-dev


For this example we use ngx-build-plus and webpack-merge to add vcl support to the angular cli webpack config. Check the ngx-build-plus docs for information how to use a plugin.

const webpackHelpers = require('@ng-vcl/webpack-helper');
const merge = require('webpack-merge');

module.exports.default = {
  opts: null,

  pre(builderConfig) {
    this.opts = {
      sourceMap: builderConfig.options.sourceMap, // Use settings from builder
      extractCSS: builderConfig.options.extractCss // Use settings from builder

  config(cfg) {
    return merge(cfg, webpackHelpers(this.opts));


  • extractCSS [false] - Extract css into seperate file
  • sourceMap [false] - Generate a source map
  • globalStyle ['src/styles.sss'] - Path to global style(s). Can be array or string.
  • root [process.cwd()] - Base directory
  • fa [false] - Enable @vcl/font-awesome path fix
  • mdi [false] - Enable @vcl/mdi path fix