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Angular Universal

Angular Universal

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The Angular Universal project is a community driven project to expand on the core APIs from Angular (platform-server) to enable developers to do server side rendering of Angular applications in a variety of scenarios.

This repository will host the various tools like engines to integrate with various backends(NodeJS, ASP.NET etc.) and also extra modules and examples to help you started with server side rendering.

The Universal project is driven by community contributions. Please check our contributing guidelines and send us your Pull Requests!

Getting Started

Angular Universal Guide


The packages from this repo are published as scoped packages under @nguniversal

Universal "Gotchas"

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Control server-rendered page and transfer state before client-side web app loads to the client-side-app. Repo

What's in a name?

We believe that using the word "universal" is correct when referring to a JavaScript Application that runs in more environments than the browser. (inspired by Universal JavaScript)

Universal Team


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