Signaling server for NI Measurements Live

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  import niMeasurementsliveSignalingserver from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ni/measurementslive-signalingserver';


Measurements Live Signaling Server


The signaling server is used to establish a peer-to-peer connection between the NI ELVIS III device and Measurements Live. It also delivers device IDs and gathers device information.

While NI provides a public signaling server running on AWS, you can create your custom signaling server to increase security and control. You can keep your custom signaling server inside a firewall, which is one major way to increase security.

The custom signaling server is a node.js HTTP server application package. You can download, install, customize and run it on your server computer.


Create an installation directory for the signaling server package and navigate to the directory from the command line. For example:

mkdir /signalingserver
cd /signalingserver

Download and install the signaling server node package by using the command line interface:

npm install --global-style @ni/measurementslive-signalingserver

You must install the package locally with global style by using the --global-style argument, in order to enable all the features of this package.

User Guide

Please refer to NI Measurements Live - Guide for Lab Administrators.