Node Sass importer for unpkg.com

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Node Sass importer for resolving from a CDN


This is ALPHA software.

It's messy. It's probably slow. It's probably buggy.

Give it a shot. File bugs. Be patient.


  • Node >= 6
  • node-sass >= 4.9.0


This package has a peer dependency on Node Sass for ensure import API compatibility.

npm install @node-sass/cdn-importer node-sass


When Node Sass parses an @import with a URL prefixed by cdn: it will attempt to resolve the URL against following URL. This can be useful for directly consuming files from UNPKG or jsDelivr

@import "cdn:https://unpkg.com/normalize.css@8.0.0/normalize.css";

As a convenience if an @import URL is prefixed by unpgk: the importer will resolve UNPKG short-hand syntax.

@import "unpkg:normalize.css@8.0.0/normalize.css";

Node Sass API

var sass = require('node-sass');
var cdnImporter = require('@node-sass/cdn-importer');

  file: 'index.scss',
  importer: [cdnImporter],
}, function (err, result) {
  if (err) throw err;

Node Sass CLI

$ node-sass index.scss --importer node_modules/@node-sass/cdn-importer/index.js


Asynchronous only

Because of how inefficient synchronous network requests are this importer does not work with renderSync.

Single files only

Since @imports in the resolved file won't have the cdn: prefix this impoter is only useful for single file packages like normalize.css