Angular material2 Extension Components ..

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import notaddNgMaterialPro from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@notadd/ng-material-pro';



Angular material2 Extension Components ..

It will be like : https://vuetifyjs.com/zh-Hans/components/alerts


Step 1: Install and configure Angular Material

Getting Started Guide with Angular Material

Step 2: Install Notadd NgMaterialPro

  ng add @notadd/ng-material-pro

Step 3: Import the component modules

  import { NmAlertModule, NmCarouselModule, NmCascadeDropdownlistModule } from '@notadd/ng-material-pro';
    imports: [ NmAlertModule, NmCarouselModule, NmCascadeDropdownlistModule ],
  export class AppModule { }

Contribution Description

We welcome material2 users to participate in the development of this plugin, and as a contributor, please follow the following guidelines: -Code submission specification, refer to Git Commit Message Conventions -Always from develop checkout a new branch, the naming specification for feature/xxx,xxx must be readable, such as: Icons => feature/icons -Pull the latest code for the remote develop branch in the local develop branch before the new branch of checkout

-Refer to the project's current naming rules for file naming rules.

function Development Check Roadmap first to make sure that the features you want to contribute are not being implemented.

Then submit a contribution request inissueindicating the features you want to contribute.

Find Bugs? If you find a bug in the source code, please submit a bug question in theissueof this warehouse first.

After you have submitted the bug question, we are happy to accept that you submit aprto help us fix the bug.

QQ Communication Group

321735506, please specify the purpose of the group!


  • Icons+✔


  • Preset layoutANIMATION

**ui Component **

  • Prompt box (components/alerts)
  • Rotation (components/carousels)
  • Footer (Components/footer)


  • Item group (item-groups)
  • multi-level linkage ✔
  • multi-Window (components/windows)
  • hover (components/hover)
  • upload "file upload, image upload, avatar upload"
  • Parallax (Components/parallax)
  • Rating (components/ratings)
  • Timeline (components/timelines)
  • Drag and drop tree view "lag"