Clean, simple JSDoc -> Github Markdown generator with support for ES6+.

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ESDox is a simple jsdoc 3 generator based on jsdox.

It pulls documentation tags based on a subset of jsdoc 3 from your javascript files and generates github-flavored markdown files.

Relies on the JSDoc3 parser to get the full AST including comments.

Compared to JSDox, ESDox incorporates updated dependencies with support for ES6/7 features, generates more nicely-formatted documentation, and intends to support a more comprehensive set of JSDoc3's tags.


ESDox can be used as a module or from the command line.

As a Node Module

const esdox = require("esdox").main;
  .then(() => /* whatever you want to do after */);

CLI Options

esdox -h # see help for full options
esdox --output docs src lib index.js


Original JSDox author and contributors

  • Pascal Belloncle (psq, Original author)
  • Sam Blowes (blowsie)
  • Todd Henderson (thenderson21)
  • Nic Jansma (nicjansma)
  • Joel Kemp (mrjoelkemp)
  • Ron Korving (ronkorving)
  • Mike MacMillan (mmacmillan)
  • Michael Martin-Smucker (mlms13)
  • Akeem McLennon (bluelaguna)
  • Gabor Sar (gaborsar)
  • Marc Trudel (stelcheck)
  • Anselm Stordeur (anselmstordeur)
  • Vladimir de Turckheim (vdeturckheim)


See (LICENSE.md).