Nujek - Storyblok Components

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Nujek Framework

Nujek is a collection of useful Vue.js components and libraries which helps you to build Storyblok websites and apps as easy as possible. Helping you to stay productive following and eliminating repetive tasks.

Starter Project

Nuxt Storyblok Starter Website is an example website template to quickstart your project.

🚀 Features

  • Docs and Starter Website template
  • Written for vue2
  • Auto import components support with @nuxtjs/components
  • @nujek/storyblok Complete Nuxt.js Storyblok Integration
  • @nujek/storyblok Useful Storyblok blok viewer for development.
  • @nujek/ui Powerful tree-shakeable and reusable nuxt components for your next website project
  • @nujek/ui Component Theming with a configuration approach

📦 Install

yarn add -D @nujek/ui @nujek/storyblok @nuxtjs/composition-api @nuxtjs/tailwindcss

See install Instructions

🧱 Contribute

See contribute Guide

Older nujek versions

Here you can find older docs and examples for version < 2.0.30

Interactive examples Old docs


MIT License