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  import nullserveReactLib from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nullserve/react-lib';


This project houses a react component library utilized by NullServe React apps. It acts both as a library and rudimentary design system.

There are 3 primary frameworks in use in this project:

Create React Library and Storybook detect and utilize Create React App and to help deliver their independent goals.

Local Development

It's recommended that storybook be used for local development. Storybook will allow you to write use cases to visually test and demonstrate a component use case.

yarn run storybook

Libraries in use

NullServe's component system is driven primarily by Chakra UI for style and layout. While Apollo Client is generally assumed to exist, it isn't brought in by this library or used by any pages at this time. Formik and Yup are used for form components and validation. Reach Router is used for routing.

In the future, these dependencies may be moved to a different library and this project may be changed over to a monorepo that houses them, to try to isolate transitive dependencies. If you're reading this and that sounds like something you want, open a github issue.