Oberd development tools, shaken not stirred

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Oberd application development toolkit

Getting Started

  • Set up your npm registry to include private oberd packages By adding the following lines to ~/.npmrc

    registry = https://npm.oberd.com/
    strict-ssl = false
  • Install olive cli globally for access to the command line

    npm install -g oberd-olive


  • Send your public key found in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to Nathan or Matt

  • We will add you as an sshcommand user on medamine (by running the following)

    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh dokku@medamine.com "sudo sshcommand acl-add dokku bob"

  • Add medamine as remote

    git remote add medamine dokku@medamine.com:[MY_APP_NAME]

  • Git push a branch to the remote

    git push medamine master

Linking to an Oberd instance

  • Push your app up to medamine

  • Configure an Oberd backend

    ssh dokku@medamine.com config [MY_APP_NAME] OBERD_APP=[OBERD_APP_NAME]

    ssh dokku@medamine.com config [MY_APP_NAME] OBERD=https://{prefix}[OBERD_APP_NAME].medamine.com

  • Link to Redis

    ssh dokku@medamine.com redis:link [MY_APP_NAME] [REDIS_INSTANCE_NAME]

Deploying an instance of Oberd Core

  • Deploy Oberd repository to an app
  • Link Oberd service app to redis instance
  • Link Oberd service app to Oberd Base instance

Deploying an instance of Mirth Connect

Using an existing instance of Mirth Connect