static site generator for html lovers, create CMS dashboards as you code

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  import onlyhtmlOnlyhtml from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@onlyhtml/onlyhtml';



OnlyHtml is Static Site Generator that helps you build simple websites. You write the front-end code using handlebars templates and OnlyHtml will handle all the back-end tasks, creating a Dashboard CMS for you and managing rendering and deployments.

OnlyHtml is a companion to Headless CMS systems like Sanity.io, so you get the best experience editing your content while focusing only on the front-end code

Main Goals

  • It does most of what you need, but probably not everything.
  • You only need to know HTML (plus CSS and JS to the extent that your design calls for it).
  • You should be able to learn the basics in a few minutes.
  • Bring your own Headless CMS of choice or use simple markdown files

Get Started

Start from a template project

Or by reading the docs https://galtashma.gitbook.io/onlyhtml/
Or by npm install -g @onlyhtml/onlyhtml

Happy Hacking!