Enter formatted date and time using native date api and without pickers

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  import pageboardDatetimeEntry from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@pageboard/datetime-entry';



Enter formatted date and time without pickers.

This is the datetime-entry plugin from datetime without jquery.


const defaults = {
 datetime: NaN,
 locale:   navigator.language,
 format:   {
  hour12:  false,
  hour:    '2-digit',
  minute:  '2-digit',
  second:  '2-digit',
  weekday: 'long',
  year:    'numeric',
  month:   'long',
  day:     'numeric',
  timeZone: 'Europe/Paris'
 useUTC:   true,
 minDate:  NaN,
 maxDate:  NaN,
 minTime:  NaN,
 maxTime:  NaN,
 step: NaN, // in seconds
 onChange: t => {}

If this browser does not support this, is falls back to UTC (if useUTC is true) or none, which is the system timezone.


let inst = new window.DateTimeEntry(domElement, options);

What is inside

Instead of create huge data file with day names, month names, etc. I use Intl inside. So all languages supported by Intl, should be ready to use without any twitches.

What's next

  • Add ERA support
  • Increase test coverage
  • Optimize code