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Update Moltin order shipping status when delivered in Shippo

Asynchronous microservice that is triggered by Shippo webhooks to update Order data inside of moltin.

Built with Micro! 🤩

🛠 Setup

Both a moltin and Shippo account are needed for this to function.

Create a .env at the project root with the following credentials:


Find your MOLTIN_CLIENT_ID and MOLTIN_CLIENT_SECRET inside of your moltin Dashboard's API keys.

📦 Package

Run the following command to build the app

yarn install

Start the development server

yarn dev

The server will typically start on PORT 3000, if not, make a note for the next step.

Start ngrok (change ngrok port below from 3000 if yarn dev deployed locally on different port above)

ngrok http 3000

Make a note of the https ngrok URL provided.

⛽️ Usage

Next head over to the Shippo API Settings area, add a new webhook with the following details:

Event Type Mode URL
Track Updated Test ngrok URL above

🚀 Deploy

You can easily deploy this function to now.

Contact Adam Grohs @ Particular. for any questions.