Hosted Fields component for unified PayPal/Braintree web sdk

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  import paypalCardComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@paypal/card-components';


Hosted Fields Component

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Hosted Fields component to be included in the Payments SDK

Quick start

See src/index.js


  • Run the tests:

    npm test

Testing with different/multiple browsers

npm run karma -- --browser=PhantomJS
npm run karma -- --browser=Chrome
npm run karma -- --browser=Safari
npm run karma -- --browser=Firefox
npm run karma -- --browser=PhantomJS,Chrome,Safari,Firefox

Keeping the browser open after tests

npm run karma -- --browser=Chrome --keep-open

Releasing and Publishing

  • Publish your code with a patch version:
npm run release
  • Or npm run release:patch, npm run release:minor, npm run release:major