PayPal Funding Components.

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PayPal Funding Components

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PayPal JavaScript SDK module to deal with funding sources and eligibility.

Remember a funding source from the client-side

Note: your client-id and domain must be approved to call this function

paypal.rememberFunding([ paypal.FUNDING.VENMO ]);

Remember a funding source from the server-side

import { rememberFunding } from '@paypal/funding-components';
import { FUNDING } from '@paypal/sdk-constants';

rememberFunding(req, res, [ FUNDING.VENMO ]);

Check a remembered funding source from the server-side

import { isFundingRemembered } from '@paypal/funding-components';
import { FUNDING } from '@paypal/sdk-constants';

if (isFundingRemembered(req, FUNDING.VENMO)) {
    // ...

Pass in a custom set of cookies:

isFundingRemembered(req, FUNDING.VENMO, { cookies })

Quick Start


npm install --save @paypal/funding-components

Getting Started

  • Fork the module
  • Run setup: npm run setup
  • Start editing code in ./src and writing tests in ./tests
  • npm run build


npm run build


  • Edit tests in ./test/tests

  • Run the tests:

    npm test