Common types and functions for perfective development in TypeScript

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  import perfectiveCommon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@perfective/common';


Perfective Common for TypeScript

The code provided by this project relies on the strict TypeScript compiler checks. Use of these packages in the regular JS projects may produce unexpected behavior and is undocumented. For example, a function that declares an argument as required relies on strict TSC null checks and does not check value for null additionally.

Read the full README in the repository.


npm install @perfective/common



Developer documentation is available in the docs.html file distributed as a part of this package.


This package starts its versioning from 0.7.0, as it continues versioning after the deprecated packages:

  • @perfective/array (v0.4.0);
  • @perfective/error (v0.3.0);
  • @perfective/fp (v0.6.0);
  • @perfective/identity (v0.2.0);
  • @perfective/match (v0.3.0);
  • @perfective/maybe (v0.6.0);
  • @perfective/object (v0.4.0);
  • @perfective/real (v0.6.0);
  • @perfective/string (v0.3.0);
  • @perfective/value (v0.3.0).