Package to synchronize OSR, PP and PlasticHub directories and repositories

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import plastichubOsrSync from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@plastichub/osr-sync';


Sync folders


npm install -g @plastichub/osr-sync


sync (folder)

 osrc-sync --clear=true --source='./products/lydia-v4' --target='../plastic-hub-public/products/lydia-v4_test' --debug=true --profile='./osr-sync.json'

where `osr-sync.json` is

    "debug": false,
    "matching": [

Sync: Rename output nodes

Additionally, output paths can be manipulated specifying the --renamer argument:

osr-sync --renamer="./.laser-renamer.js" --clear=true --source='./products/sheetpress-cell' --target='../../rosa/laser_sheetpress' --debug=true --profile="./.osr-sync-laser-sheetpress.json"

where ´osr-sync-laser-sheetpress.json´ is:

    "debug": false,
    "matching": [

and ´./.laser-renamer.js´ is :

exports.default = function (from, to) {
    return to.replace("Ferro", "Steel").replace("Inox", "Stainless");

Another example is to read command line arguments

function getQuantity() {
    for (let i = 0; i < process.argv.length; i++) {
        if (process.argv[i].indexOf('--quantity') !== -1) {
            return process.argv[i].split('=')[1];

exports.default = function (from, to) {
    const sets = getQuantity();
    const parts = to.split("_");
    const partsLength = parts.length;
    const qtyToken = parts[partsLength - 3];
    if (qtyToken) {
        let qty = parseInt(qtyToken.replace('x', '')) * sets;
        parts[partsLength - 3] = 'x' + qty;
        return parts.join('_');
    return null;

In this case, the script renames SP1.0_001_Lower_Rib_1A_x16.0mm_Ferro.DXF to SP1.0_001_Lower_Rib_1A[CLI-Arg --quantity]_6.0mm_Ferro.DXF The feature is useful to strip custom filename syntax, or just batch rename stuff.


Same as sync, a profile contains glob patterns for includes and excludes. Multiple sources can be hinged together at one root using the cwd argument

node ./node_modules/osr-sync/dist/main.js zip --clear=true --source='./products/zoe' --source='./products/components/hal' --cwd="./" --target='../out.zip'  --debug=true --profile='./.osr-sync-zip.json'

or when used globally

osr-sync zip --clear=true --source='./products/zoe' --source='./products/components/hal' --cwd="./" --target='../out.zip'  --debug=true --profile='./.osr-sync-zip.json'


  • CLI:Sync: Support component level firmware config patches (overlays)
  • jekyll2mc
  • pack'n go for laser vendor template/renamer (generate folders, by material and thickness)
  • Shell Extension (OS context menu)
  • Sheets2*: URL, cell transform (using config)
  • SW Configs => CAD = Laser => Report (@osr-cad & @osr-deploy)
  • Sync osr-template folder per dist (@osr-templates & @osr-deploy)