Plurall SDK

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  import plurallSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@plurall/sdk';


Plurall SDK

Software Developer Kit - Node JS - Plurall

Table of Contents


yarn add @plurall/sdk

Plurall Integration


Preparing environment

These are all available environment variables:

  • PLURALL_ENV: Environment to make the request (staging|production) - default staging
  • PLURALL_TIMEOUT: Time to wait before timeout (ms) - default 20000
  • DEBUG: Enable / disable debug mode (true|false) - default false

How to get user data?

import { ThirdParty } from '@plurall/sdk/Integration';
import { User } from '@plurall/sdk/Integration/models';

const { PLURALL_SECRET } = process.env;
try {
    const hash = ThirdParty.encryptToken(token, PLURALL_SECRET);

    const user: User = await ThirdParty.getUser({ app: "nome do app", hash });
} catch (error) {